A major operation for a patient with a giant tumor in the abdominal cavity

The King’s Hospital’s cadres continue their busy journey by accomplishing the most complex surgeries for various types of tumors, along with the important role that the hospital played and is still a regional center for diagnosing and treating people with the Corona pandemic.

Where a medical team at King Abdullah University Hospital was able to perform a qualitative operation for a middle-aged patient who was diagnosed with a giant tumor in his abdominal cavity several weeks ago, which caused a general decline, a decrease in weight and a protrusion in the abdomen.

The operation was performed by a medical team under the supervision of a consultant in transplantation, liver and bile duct surgery, Dr. Abdulrahman Manasrah, and a consultant of kidney and urology surgery, Dr. Omar Halalsha, in cooperation with the specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation, Dr. Nidal Shawagheh.

The operation consisted of performing a complete removal of the mass, which weighed nine kilograms, as it occupied more than 80% of the volume of the abdominal cavity, causing great pressure on the neighboring organs, especially the stomach, small intestine and colon, in addition to the patient's right kidney.

Dr. Al-Manasrah indicated that this type of tumor usually does not show an effective response to conservative treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, which makes surgical intervention the best opportunity that can be offered to get rid of the disease if it can be completely eradicated.

Adding that the registration of such advanced disease cases is witnessing a remarkable increase, especially in the period after the opening of the different sectors and the cancellation of the stone, which reflects part of the negative effects of the pandemic due to the delay of many patients to see specialist doctors and thus the size of the problem they have, stressing the need to review the hospital with such cases early It helps reduce the risk and potential complications for patientsThe hospital provides its distinguished services at the local and regional levels and seeks to expand in quantity and quality by supplying the hospital with the competencies, qualified cadres and the latest equipment, and Dr. Muhammad Dardour and Dr. Ahmed Hazaimeh, Dr. Marwan Khasawneh, d. Hamza Al-Shboul and the Nursing Team: Ibrahim Al-Riachi, Ibtisam Bishtawi, Ibrahim Al-Sharida and two distinguished anesthesia technicians

For his part, Director General of the Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghazou, expressed his pride in the successes achieved by the hospital's medical staff and its optimal handling of the most difficult disease cases using the latest medical devices, pointing out that the hospital is equipped with the latest equipment necessary to conduct all operations, and that the hospital provides an appropriate academic and research environment for the medical staff. And a specialist academic in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Science and Technology to conduct such operations.

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